Responding to COVID-19: A Science-Based Approach

        • Brought to you by the American Public Health Association and the National Academy of Medicine, this webinar series will explore the state of the science surrounding the current outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States and globally, with a focus on the emerging evidence on how to best mitigate its impact. Hear from trusted experts in such fields as public health, infectious disease, risk communication, and crisis standards of care.
        • In our first COVID-19 Conversations webinar, our lineup of public health, medical and emergency experts shared the science on social distancing as well as strategies to support it. And we explored how findings from past pandemics — as well as the current one — can shape responses today.

The Second COVID-19 Conversations Webinar

        • discussed benefit-risk analysis of social/physical distancing strategies, including for vulnerable populations; examined strategies for mitigating mental health impacts; and explored what science is available to guide eventual relaxation of measures.

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